Thesis on csr and financial performance

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In other words it may be rather reliant on the best of the evaluator. CSR has emerged as a view that can add to the financial performance of a company and suggests that corporate decision-makers must take care of a range of social and environmental affairs in order to maximise long-term financial returns.

Leyla Acaroglu is a leading sustainability strategist and an expert on lifecycle and systems thinking in design, production and consumption. She is a designer, social scientist, educator, TED speaker and passionate proponent of sustainability in and through design.

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After my previous post on management accounting dissertation topics, I started to get inquiries in numbers asking about financial accounting dissertation this is for you, folks and with this post on financial accounting topics, we are done with accounting dissertation topics series here.


After doing thorough research, reading the previously written dissertations, and research. CSR has been around for some time although the social responsibility of business was not widely considered to be a significant problem from Adam Smith’s time to the Great Depression. Employees of investment services and SRI research organisations should select this plan.

(These include specialist SRI agencies, sell-side brokers, investment bankers, independent research houses, social investment fora, investor coalitions and financial news & data agencies).

Thesis on csr and financial performance
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