Special populations served by case management

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Behavioral Health Services

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Case management for special populations. Moving beyond categorical distinctions.

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This is especially true for those clients whose problems or issues can be overwhelming even for non-addicted people. Among these special treatment needs are HIV infection or AIDS, mental illness. KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES Knowledge of case management principles, special populations, regulations and legal issues, vocational counseling and service options and supports.

Provide regular and timely input of detailed trainee case notes documentation into electronic case management system for persons served giving an accurate. Managing special populations in jails and prisons/Stan Stojkovic ISBN Library of Congress Control Number: Preface For the purposes of this volume, special populations are defined as those prison- management of special population prisoners will be ineffective.

The advice and rec. Jul 23,  · The California Department of Education (CDE) follows the Perkins IV mandates to serve special populations and document the achievement of each group to achieve establish performance levels. Areas of achievement relate to Career Technical Education program completion, earning twelfth grade diplomas.

Special population include inmates held by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Jails in Indian Country, the U.S.

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military, the U.S. Territories, and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Case Manager, Special Population. The Care Manager will provide personalized case management services to beneficiaries identified for the Pharmacy Management Program as a result of overutilization of narcotics; reviewing referral history, and working with the beneficiary to coordinate care with multiple specialists, facilities and providers.

Special populations served by case management
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Case management for special populations. Moving beyond categorical distinctions.