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Social enterprise

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Social Enterprise Scotland

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Case studies

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Social enterprises may directly address thesis needs through our products and statistics, the number of people they want or the use of your financial surplus. Case Studies; Elmton and Creswell Village Company.

Elmton and Creswell Village Company, a social enterprise working for the benefit of the community providing a community building filled with activities and workshops. Filmed and edited by Nick Coleman. A Sheffield Live! production for Social Enterprise  · Browse our case studies below to see how organisations across the UK are already using social investment.

You can also visit our blog page, YouTube channel & Big Society Capital's podcasts for more examples from charities & social  · Developing a thriving social enterprise sector. 01 Contents Introduction 02 Every two years Social Enterprise UK, the national body for social enterprise, produces a detailed report on the sector.

The latest report, State of Social Enterprise Survey, The UK side of the project has identified a series of case-studies that have been developed in the UK and internationally as per these links below Social Enterprise Coalition Social Enterprise Alliance.

CASE (Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Agency) Business advice, support and training for new and existing co-operatives and social enterprises in Leicester, Leicestershire and Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the social enterprise accreditation authority, which provides clear standards to assure the business model remains ethical, credible and commercial.


Social enterprise case studies uk
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