List of theses and dissertations

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Find dissertations and theses

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A List of Tables is a reference tool that allows your readers to quickly and easily navigate to data in your thesis or dissertation. Construction of the list is similar to creating a Table of Contents.

To save yourself some time in making your List of Tables, be sure that you use font styles.

Find dissertations and theses

On the results page select “Thesis/Dissertation”. To see a full list of all Master’s theses click on Master's theses or conduct a search in Classic Josiah: Change the drop down box from "Everything" to "by Call Number". Every Master’s theses call number contains 1-N M.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations

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To locate theses and dissertations (TDs) generated by alumni of the University of Florida, you can either Search UF TDs,or browse a list of UF TDs by Department. If you are seeking a broader scope of work, we also have resources that can lead you to non-UF theses and dissertations. Inthe [email protected] began to host non-thesis terminal projects.

Theses and Dissertations. Our graduates students have conducted important research during their programs. To view a complete list of master's theses and Ph.D.

Computer Science Topics List for Project, Thesis, and Research

Theses and Dissertations. Starting with the incoming class, the University of Florida requires its graduate students to submit their masters theses and doctoral dissertations in electronic format, know as .

List of theses and dissertations
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