Environmental justice case study marcopper in the philippines

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Marcopper mining disaster

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Flooded villages, toxic rivers, ill residents, children dying: The Marcopper Placer Dome mining disaster remains one of the largest environmental disasters in Philippine history. The fight for justice still goes on. University of the Philippines. College of Law Bar Reviewer Dean Overall Head Dean Danilo L.

Concepcion Evert Callueng.

MAC: Mines and Communities

the reason to why: is to show how environmental justice is involve in this case and to tell how the people are getting affected this is environmental injustice because the corporation does not think of the future consequences that will create in the island, the people are the most effected,the area.

Placer Dome always owned % of the shares in Marcopper, the maximum amount of shares that could, until recently, be legally held by a foreign company in the Philippines. Placer Dome managed the two Marcopper mines on the island. SURIGAO CITY — Hundreds of residents from a village in Surigao del Norte will storm the hall of justice here to file an ‘environmental case’ against three mining companies and a government agency at around am, Tuesday.

Environmental Justice Case Study

Calling themselves the Anislagan Bantay Kalikasan Task Force, Inc. (Abakataf), the complainants from barangay .

Environmental justice case study marcopper in the philippines
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