Catholic studies songs and prayers

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Catholic Prayers and Prayer Resources

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Bible Study

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I thank you, Lord, for having preserved me during the night. I will do my best to make all I do t. Here is a collection of opening and closing prayers that can be used for meetings, sunday school classes, and prayer groups.

Also, we invite you to add your own opening or closing prayers using the form at the bottom of this page. Oh Lord, please bless this music that it might glorify your name.

May the talent that you have bestowed upon me be used only to serve you. Let this music be a witness to your majesty and love, and.

Catholic Prayers and Prayer Resources

A Good Shepherd Set (You can make it yourself. This is the only unit study available online. You’ll find 5 all new unit studies in Catholic ABC’s The Book!; A picture of the Good Shepherd (Print one) A set of magnetic alphabet letters (You can get these at the Dollar Tree). Ernest Robert "Ernie" Lekun.

In loving memory of Ernest Lekun who died peacefully, surrounded by his family, on April 13th, Born October 13th, in Sudbury, Ernest was the son of John & Mary Lekun (nee Sushelnitski), both predeceased.

Opening and Closing Prayers. Here is a collection of opening and closing prayers that can be used touched through the songs and the preaching, and may each take to heart Catholic Prayers. The St Jude Prayer; Hail Mary; The Lords Prayer; Prayer to St Joseph.

Catholic studies songs and prayers
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Opening and Closing Prayers