Bill miller and value trust case analysis

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Bill Miller and Value Trust Case Solution

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Bill Miller and Value Trust Case Solution

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Set in the fall ofthis case relates to the remarkable results of a value the trust, a mutual fund managed by William "Bill" Miller III at Legg Mason, Inc case describes the investment style of Miller, whose record with the value of the Trust beat S & P 14 years row. Challenges for students is to assess the effectiveness of the fund.

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Set in the fall ofthis case tells the remarkable performance record of Value Trust, a fund of William H. “Bill” Miller III at Legg Mason, Inc.

manages The case describes the investment style of Miller, whose record has beaten the Trust with value S & P 14 years in a row. Bill Miller and Value Trust case analysis, Bill Miller and Value Trust case study solution, Bill Miller and Value Trust xls file, Bill Miller and Value Trust excel file, Subjects Covered Capital markets Mutual funds by Robert F.

Bruner, Sean Carr Source: Darden School of Business 17 pages.

Bill miller and value trust case analysis
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