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What are the basics that every bartender has to know.

10 Books Every Bartender Should Read

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Good bartenders pride themselves on being knowledgeable about cocktail recipes and proficient in the art of properly serving their guests and patrons.

Essential recipes

With a healthy repertoire of popular mixed drink recipes and the right ingredients at your disposal, you can be the life of any gathering.

Posted in: USBG Open Forum Since you're not modifying the flavor/aroma of the ingredient with heat, you could utilize an ultrasonic humidifier.

On the low tech side, an atomizer to spritz would work in a pinch. There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer bartending, or you can study online. No matter which way you go - bartending will be a lot of fun and will take you far in life as an exciting career.

EBS students use bartending as a way of traveling around the world, financing studies, making new friends, creating important networks, earning money and mos. How to Host a Cocktail Party; How to Play The Drinking Game Beer Relay; How to Play The Drinking Game Beer Cap; How to Play The Drinking Game Dice; How to Play The Drinking Game Tree Men.

As you go through this bartending guide, take in as much as you like at a time. Come back to review something or to study a topic a bit further. It's a crash course in mixing drinks and there is a lot of information to take in. Pace yourself so it doesn't seem overwhelming.

Bartending study guide
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