Argument of the ford pinto case

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Professionalism/The Ford Pinto Gas Tank Controversy

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Ford Pinto Case Ethical Issues

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ANALYSIS Although Ford had access to a new design which would decrease the possibility of the Ford Pinto from exploding, the company chose not to implement the design, which would have cost $11 per car, even though it had done an analysis showing that the new design would result in less deaths%(2).

The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car that was manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company in North America, sold from the to the model years. The public understanding of the cost-benefit analysis has contributed to the mythology of the Ford Pinto case. Ford Pinto Case study The moral issue of the Ford Pinto case is whether or not Ford Company is responsible for the explosion caused by the failed tank.

THE FORD PINTO CASE: THE VALUATION OF LIFE AS IT APPLIES TO THE NEGLIGENCE-EFFICIENCY ARGUMENT Christopher Leggett Law & Valuation Professor Palmiter Spring, Abstract The cases involving the explosion of Ford Pinto's due to a defective fuel system design led to the debate of many issues, most centering around the use by Ford of a cost-benefit analysis and the %(2).

Professionalism/The Ford Pinto Gas Tank Controversy

In relations to Ford Pinto, the case study shows that is was about an accident which took place involving a Ford Pinto and a Chevrolet Van which hit the Ford Pinto from behind. The Pinto was being driven by an 18 years old Judy Ann Ulrich accompanies by her sister Lynn Marie who was 16 at the time and cousin called Donna Ulrich was also 18 years old.

The Ford Pinto was an American subcompact car produced from to It was developed as Ford's entry into the small car marketplace. Pressures from foreign competition and the looming rise in gas prices incentivized Ford’s upper management to cut the Pinto’s delivery time in half.

Argument of the ford pinto case
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Lee Iacocca's Pinto: A fiery failure