Acc 300 exam 2 study guide

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BA (Honours) Business Management (Accounting)

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Agile Coaching Program Kolkata

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ACC 300 Final Exam Study Guide – Part 1

The (ICP-ACC) is a 3-day classroom training program that focuses on understanding and developing the Professional Coaching skillset. It will help the learner differentiate between and among teaching, mentoring, facilitating, consulting and coaching, and will help gain the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team.

To qualify for the Associate Constructor, an individual must have completed four (4) years of Level 1 Construction Fundamentals Study Guide 2 composed of a maximum of multiple-choice, objective questions and several writing samples with a total testing time of eight (8) hours.

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Acc 300 exam 2 study guide
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