A study of the life and works of virgil

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Virgil is generally acknowledged as the greatest of all Latin poets.

He was famous in his own lifetime and was the first poet in the history of Latin literature to be the subject of. Life and works Birth and biographical tradition [ edit ] Virgil's biographical tradition is thought to depend on a lost biography by Varius, Virgil's editor, which was incorporated into the biography by Suetonius and the commentaries of Servius and Donatus, the two great commentators on Virgil's poetry.

Last years Virgil worked on the Aeneid for the last eleven years of his life. The composition of it, from a prose (writing) outline, was never easy for him. Augustus once wrote asking to see part of the uncompleted work.

When he finished at the Academy of Epidius, Virgil argued his first law case, but soon gave up the study of law and turned to philosophy. The civil disturbances created when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River in 49 B.C.

forced Virgil to flee the city. He escaped to Naples, where he studied with the Epicurean philosopher Siro and began his career as a poet. "A Companion to the Study of Virgil" is not yet another introduction to Virgil's poetry, nor is it the thinking man's version of the bibliographies in ANRW.

The editor and three outside contributors offer a guide both to the key problems and to the most intelligent discussions. Horsfall, Nicholas. "Virgil: His Life and Times." A Companion to the Study of Virgil.

Ed. Nicholas Horsfall. Mnemosyne Supplement Leiden: Brill, How reliable is the Vita? A skeptical review.

Virgil Biography

Extreme. Stok, Fabio.

"Virgil between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance." International Journal of the Classical Tradition (): 15–

A study of the life and works of virgil
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